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Representative 49.9% APR

Representative example: Amount of credit: £1200 for 18 months at £90.46 per month. Total amount repayable of £1628.28 Interest: £428.28. Interest rate: 49.9% pa (variable). 49.9% APR Representative. Rates from 45.3% APR to 1721% APR - your no-obligation quote and APR will be based on your personal circumstances. The minimum repayment period for any loan will be 90 days from the date the loan is issued. The maximum repayment period is 3 years.

We are not a lender but a licensed credit broker in the UK

At ThisLender, we understand that everyone goes through periods of financial shortfalls. When a large, unexpected bill comes through, and you don’t have the spare cash to hand to cover it, it can be scary knowing where to turn.

A guide to 2,500 loans

The important thing is not to worry, because there are always short term solutions to consider, including seeking personal finance. However, before deciding to take out a loan, you should first think through all of your options. Is there somewhere else you can get the money from - such as friends and family? Or emergency savings? If so, you should try this first.

Once you’ve covered all of your bases but still need to access money, a £2,500 loan could be just what you need. Here at ThisLender, the lenders we work with are able to offer loans for £2,500 up to 36 months.

Read on to understand more about 2500 pound loans:

What is a £2,500 loan?

A £2,500 loan is a type of short-term personal finance to the value of 2,500 pounds. This loan is taken out when unexpected financial situations arise, and money needs to be accessed quickly. Loans for £2,500 are usually unsecured, which means the borrower does not need to put forward personal assets as security for the loan.

How does a £2,500 loan work?

A £2,500 loan works similarly to other personal loans. To begin the borrowing process, an application form needs to be submitted in request for a loan for 2,500 pounds. The lender then assesses the application to determine creditworthiness, and if approved, the loan’s terms of agreement get discussed.

The lender will propose an interest rate for the £2,500 loan. This is the amount you will be charged on the outstanding money, and you must take this percentage into consideration when working out your repayments.

After agreeing to the lender’s terms and conditions, the £2,500 loan gets instantly disbursed to provide you with the funding you need quickly. You will then start making repayments in weekly or monthly instalments until the total amount is paid off.

What are the benefits of loans for £2,500?

Loans for £2,500 provide a substantial amount of cash to cover financial emergencies. If you are looking to borrow over the short term, they are a relatively low risk form of borrowing. The main pros of £2,500 loans are:

  • Online Applications: The application process is quick and simple, making it easy to borrow the money you need quickly. When applying, you can select how much money you want to borrow. If you realise £2,500 isn’t enough to cover what you need, you have the option to choose and apply for up to £5,000.
  • Trustworthy Lenders: There are rules and regulations in place for lenders offering money online. Before you borrow £2,500 you can check that your lender is approved by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) and listed on the Financial Services Register.
  • Receive Money Quickly: Instead of waiting weeks for a traditional facility to approve and release the funds you need, you could access £2,500 within 10 minutes² after approval.
  • Flexible Repayments: There’s no one set repayment term available. You decide how much you want to pay back and for how long. The lenders we work with offer £2,500 loans from 3 months to 36 months.
  • Options For All Credit Scores: It’s not only people with squeaky clean credit histories that can apply. Lenders offering loans for £2,500 analyse the broader picture of your financial situation, credit history is just one part of the process. As a result, many of the lenders we work with offer £2,500 loans for bad credit.

How can I get a £2,500 loan in the UK?

There are many ways to receive a £2,500 loan if you live in the UK. The easiest way to get a £2,500 loan is to apply online through a broker, like ThisLender. As a broker we have a panel of lenders that we work with, and we are quickly able to give you an instant online personalised quote.

All you have to do is make a free online application, and it won’t be long before you start to receive tailored quotes from FCA approved lenders. It couldn’t be simpler!

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Applying for a £2,500 loan via a direct lender:

Some people prefer to apply for a £2,500 loan using a direct lender. This is also an easy process, you simply find your chosen lender’s website and submit an online application.

The two processes are very similar, the main difference being the time it takes to get the job done. It can take a lot more time looking for £2,500 loans via direct lenders, because of the sheer volume of UK lenders on the internet.

For this reason it can be a lot faster to go with a broker service as they will work with a panel of direct lenders.

At ThisLender, our service lets customers arrange their £2,500 loan with a direct lender. Our part simply involves helping you find the best direct lender for your situation - the rest is down to you!

What are the repayment terms on loans for £2,500?

Repayment terms for £2,500 loans vary, and are dependent on lots of factors, including:

  • Your chosen lender
  • Your individual financial situation
  • How quickly you want to pay the money back

£2,500 loans for over two years

You can get a £2,500 loan with a repayment term that is longer than 2 years, but be advised that the total amount of interest you pay back on these loans will be higher.

£2,500 loans for under two years

At ThisLender, the providers we work with offer loans for £2,500 with repayment terms of 3 months - 36 months. These are considered to be short-term loans, as you are able to repay the loan in full in under two years.

Many people tend to prefer £2,500 loans under 2 years because it means you can pay off the financial emergency quickly and not worry about making repayments far into the future.

How to get a £2,500 loan for bad credit:

If you need to borrow £2,500 but you have bad credit, we might still be able to help. At ThisLender, some of the lenders on our panel offer £2,500 loans for bad credit, which is why we welcome customers with all histories to apply.

It has long been believed that people with bad credit scores do not meet the lending criteria for personal loans. However, these days your credit score makes up just one part of the overall application process.

When assessing your ability to make repayments, lenders will look at:

  • Your credit score
  • Your income and expenditure
  • Proof of employment
  • Proof of UK residency

Before you submit your application, you should be absolutely certain that you will be able to comfortably make repayments. Whenever you borrow money, you should think carefully about the financial impact the loan will have and always make sensible, informed decisions.

There are always steps you can take to improve your credit score, and this should be your primary focus. Your credit file is something that stays with you your whole life, and by improving your score you give yourself a higher likelihood of being approved for funding in the future.

Although you can get £2,500 loans for bad credit, be advised that these loans often come with higher interest rates. This is because your application is perceived as ‘higher risk’ and the lender needs something to mitigate this credit risk.

Alternatively, you may be required to take out a £2,500 guarantor loan. Essentially this means that a second person will have to co-sign your loan agreement, agreeing to pay off your debts if you default on repayments.

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How much would a £2,500 loan cost me overall?

The total cost of your £2,500 loan will depend on the interest rate you are offered and the loan term you agree to. It can be hard to say for sure exactly how much you’ll end up spending, but you can use our representative example on the right hand panel to help you get a better idea.

Remember that you will be repaying more than you borrow. Monthly interest charges apply as do any fees put in place by the lender.

Why choose ThisLender to arrange my £2,500 loan?

The team at ThisLender have spent many years working in the consumer credit sector and have established strong relationships with trusted UK lenders. As a result, we are able to help many customers find a suitable loan. There are lots of reasons to choose ThisLender:

  • Free, no obligation quotes: When you make an online application, you will receive tailored quote from the lender you are matched with. Your quote is sent to you completely free of charge and there is never any obligation to proceed with the £2,500 loan.
  • Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) approved: ThisLender is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority. This means that both we and the lenders we work with are held to a high standard of lending best practice. We are also proud to support the FCA’s ‘Treating Customers Fairly’ initiative, ensuring that we provide a transparent and trustworthy service at all times.
  • Flexible repayment terms: You can choose how quickly you feel comfortable repaying your loan. There’s no set lending term, the lenders we work with offer repayment terms from 3 months to 36 months.
  • Loans up to £5,000: If you change your mind about how much you want to borrow, that’s okay! At ThisLender we are able to arrange loans from as little as £50 to as much as £5,000.
  • Secure, confidential service: At ThisLender we take our customers’ data seriously. We use the latest technology to ensure any details you provide in your online application are secure and encrypted.

Remember: If you’re struggling with debt management, please visit Money Helper (formerly the Money Advice Service) for free, impartial debt advice.

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Representative 49.9% APR

Representative example: Amount of credit: £1200 for 18 months at £90.46 per month. Total amount repayable of £1628.28 Interest: £428.28. Interest rate: 49.9% pa (variable). 49.9% APR Representative. Rates from 45.3% APR to 1721% APR - your no-obligation quote and APR will be based on your personal circumstances. The minimum repayment period for any loan will be 90 days from the date the loan is issued. The maximum repayment period is 3 years.

We are not a lender but a licensed credit broker in the UK

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